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New Builds

Specialising in providing a complete professional range of bricklaying services to both domestic residential and commercial customers. With many years experience we provide reliable project management skills necessary to oversee all aspects of a project from start to finish.


We will deliver that quality extension as you require it, coordinating trades, staged task completion, manage time and money whilst always ensuring transparency. We pride our transparent way of working with our customers, ensuring regular communication and no hidden extras. With staged payments agreed upfront, no dreaded discussions concerning money. JRB Builds wants its customers to be happy and satisfied with our workmanship ensuring a quality that will create a long customer relationship.
JRB Builds patio job

Patios, Walls, Pathways & Landscaping

The patio has been around in one form or another for many years now but it has changed dramatically over time and there are so many choices of slabs or stone patios that can totally revive and transform your garden space. At JRB Builds Saffron Walden, we can help you design, choose and select your materials to create the correct composition for any size area of your patio. Our team have transformed and completed many stunning new patios or repairs creating that home outside feeling, ensuring you get the use out of all your home space. We have many happy customers that wished they had done this sooner as they now spend many days/evenings/weekends outside enjoying the pleasant fine sunshine with family and friends.

Power Cleaning / Restoration Service

All your outdoor surfaces will get dirty or change in colour due to algae, lichen slime or moss. We can provide a pressure washing service that will remove any surface dirt and organic material from any existing driveway or patio, which will transform the area ensuring it looks newish and clean again. Basically we can restore your driveway, patio or pathway to its former glory.
JRB Builds restoration job


Garden walls are a great way in which to create boundaries and enhance the beauty of the exterior of your home. JRB Builds provides a number of brickwork solutions to help you achieve your landscaping dreams. Our experienced team can replace, repair or construct new walls that can be used to retain soil, provide a security boundary or as just a feature wall. You can also have any repairs to existing walls or get stone walling and much more to add style and class around your property enhancing your boundary. JRB Builds have many years experience providing a trustworthy professional friendly service that guarantees our affordable workmanship that will enhance your property. Give us a call to discuss. Estimates and quotations provided free.

Wall Damage

We carry out many repairs to customers existing home or garden walls, whether due to age issues, alterations or impact we can complete the task to your satisfaction.
JRB Builds wall repair job
JRB Builds pointing job


If you need to revitalise your existing wall / brickwork with repointing the cement, then we can help as we do that to.

Foundations and Groundworks

A structurally sound home starts with a strong foundation holding its weight and consequently, it can be considered the most important part of the house or home extension. Call to discuss your requirements.
JRB Ground works

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